"A Place to Learn, a Place to Grow"
Mount Stewart Infant and Junior schools are working together in a Hard Federation known as The Mount Stewart Schools.

School Day

7:30- School opens by Caretaker.

7:50- Pupils start Breakfast Club.

8:40- School gate opens for pupils.

8:50- Pupils are collected from the playground by    Teachers and Teaching Assistants.

9:00- Registration                                       


9:10- Assembly (On Monday, Tuesday and Friday only)



9:25- First teaching session starts.

10:30- Morning playtime starts.



10:45- Morning playtime ends.

10:50- Second teaching session starts.

11:45- Reception pupils lunch break begins.


12:00- Nursery session ends.

12:00- Key stage 1 lunch break begins.

1:10- Lunch break ends.

1:15- Registration.



1:20- Start of the third teaching session.

2:30- Afternoon break.


2:40- Afternoon break ends.

2:50- Fourth teaching session starts.

3:30- School Day ends.


3:45- After school activities start.

4:45- After school activities end except for ballet and Piano club which has two sessions and ends at 5:30.

On Monday and Tuesday morning children have music. It is timetabled in all classes and provided by Brent Music services.